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Diamond Saws

Precision diamond saws, abrasive saws, cut-off saws and grinding machines. Designed to solve your problems in cutting and grinding hard, brittle materials. Particularly suited to g lass, ceramics, carbide, semiconductor metals, specimen, petrographics, metallograpic, tool steel and other hard materials cutting.

Model 610XHD - 6" to 10" Cut-off Machines
Model 1500HD-14 SS - 14" Cut-off Machine
Model 1500HD-20 SS - 20" Cut-off Machine
Model 1750 - Vertical Cut-off Machine
Wet & Dry Cutting Spindles

Remember, DYNACUT diamond saws are built to order. In this way you get a machine specifically built to handle your particular job!

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3425 Funk Mill Road, P.O. Box 156, Springtown, PA 18081
Phone: 610-346-7386 • Fax: 610-346-6770
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